Civil Engineering and Land Development Services

Throughout our history, we have provided a range of civil engineering and land development services across Gillette, Moorcroft, Wright and Campbell County in Wyoming. Since 1993, we have been the engineering consulting firm customers trust. Our goal is to help every client realize their vision from concept development through construction phases. We take the time to get to know each customer's needs, and help them achieve their goals by using the latest software and techniques, to help optimize the planning process, and also save money and resources.

The team at PCA Engineering, Inc is comprised of highly trained civil engineers, structural engineers, surveyors, engineering technicians, and designers. Each team member has the practical and professional experience to ensure your project goes smoothly. We are proud to provide a variety of services in the following categories: engineering, surveying, and material testing.


PCA Engineering uses the latest plotters, software, and computers to produce the highest quality products for our customers. Our engineering services include:

Transportation Parking Lot Design and Layout
Street & Highway Design
Street Reconstruction Other
Pavement Management Systems Construction Management
Structural Engineering Water Resources
Building Structural Design Water Distribution Systems
Foundation Design Sanitary Sewer Collection Systems
Retaining Wall Design Storm Sewer Systems
Storm Water Storage Facilities
Land Development Dam and Reservoir Design
Major and Minor Subdivision Layout and Design Drainage Studies
Commercial, Industrial, and Residential Layout and Design
Site Plans, Development Plans, Plats, and Plots


Our experienced surveyors regularly attend training classes and seminars to stay ahead of the latest techniques and trends. This allows us to make sure we are always utilizing state of the art equipment and providing you with the highest level of expertise possible. Our surveying services include:

Boundary Surveys Airport Surveys
As-Built Surveys Volumetric Surveys
Mortgage Surveys Right of Way Surveys
Lot Surveys Hydrographic Surveys
ALTA/ACSM Surveys Environmental Surveys
Site Surveys Construction Surveys
Mining Surveys Topographic Surveys
GPS Surveying Construction Staking
Land Surveying Photo Control Surveys
Improvement Surveys Urban and Rural Surveys (Land Development)

Material Testing

Our geotechnical department deals exclusively in performing almost every task related to testing soils, asphalt, aggregates, and concrete materials. This provides our customers with an expert level of quality assurance and quality control for construction materials. We perform material testing on our own projects and also work with local and municipal departments and private developers to ensure the quality of their construction materials.

Soils and Aggregates Compaction
Sieve Analysis Flow and Stability
Proctors Pavement Cores
Compaction Testing
Moisture Content Concrete Pavement
Unit Weight Unit Weight
Compressive Strength
Asphalt Pavement Pavement Cores
Unit Weight

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Since 1993, PCA Engineering, Inc. has provided clients in Moorcroft, Wright, Gillette and across Campbell County with civil engineering and land development services they can count on. We specialize in a variety of engineering focuses and work diligently to stay abreast of the latest trends and technologies.

For more information about our services, our past projects, or for additional resources, please give us a call at 307-687-0600.

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