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PCA Engineering, Inc. has provided a range of civil engineering and land development services in Gillette, WY since 1993. We maintain an outstanding record of service and have expertise in a variety of areas including: geotechnical engineering, land surveying, contract administration, material testing, and construction observation.

We are proud to serve communities across Campbell County, and to help customers bring their visions to life. Our staff of civil engineers, surveyors, designers, and technicians work hard to stay ahead of the latest trends and technology, so you can always count on receiving the most up-to-date and advanced service. We provide fully automated survey crews and state of the art AutoCAD design capabilities.

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PCA Engineering is hiring! Civil Engineering in Gillette WY

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does PCA Engineering offer geotechnical services?

There are many aspects of geotechnical engineering. PCA does not provide deep soils boring investigations. We work closely with a geotechnical engineering firm who we use on our own projects and well as coordinating them directly with our clients. We can provide smaller scale, shallow boring investigations of soils. We do offer a full range of material testing which includes soils, concrete and asphalt testing.

I was told I need my property surveyed. Can PCA help me?

Property surveys can range from identifying the lot corners, writing legal descriptions for the property or portions of, establishing lot lines for fencing, to generating a topographic map of the property. We get this question a lot as often a landowner is being required by a government agency or title/mortgage company to provide additional information. PCA has a registered land surveyor and we can provide all aspects of property surveys.

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